S . O . S . ~ Is It True Game

Sober Options for Stress (S.O.S.) – Play the Is It True Game Even the craziest idea can seem legitimate to us if we don’t stop to consider whether or not it’s really true. Limiting beliefs circle around our heads so constantly we usually don’t even notice them before it’s way too late. Take for instanceContinue reading “S . O . S . ~ Is It True Game”

S . O . S . ~ Move Your Body

Sober Options for Stress (S.O.S.) – Social Distance HIIT Running and Indoor HIIT Dancing Tensions are high from all of us being unnaturally cooped up, especially with the addition of spring fever. Pent up energy often mutates into stress, which means it’s time to notice and choose an effective action. Ultimately, you are responsible forContinue reading “S . O . S . ~ Move Your Body”

S. O. S. ~ Social Media Overhaul

Sober Options for Stress (S.O.S.) – Social Media Overhaul Jim Rohn said, “Every day, stand guard at the door of your mind.” We need to be aware of and responsible for the messages that we allow to pass through our eyes and ears and into our hearts and brains. The information we take in onContinue reading “S. O. S. ~ Social Media Overhaul”

S . O . S . ~ EFT Tapping

Sober Options for Stress (S.O.S.) – EFT Tapping Here’s my first Sober Option for Stress (S.O.S.) video! Let me preface this by saying, yes, Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping will likely sound like woo-woo new age nonsense. And, no, I don’t have the qualifications or knowledge to explain to you how or why this is supposedContinue reading “S . O . S . ~ EFT Tapping”