Will My Friends Still Like Me?

If I stop drinking will my friends still like me? This is a question I struggled with a lot. For many years I surrounded myself with a heavy drinking crowd and whenever I made a peep about wanting to slow my roll or take a break from alcohol, the judgments crept in — sometimes casually,Continue reading “Will My Friends Still Like Me?”


Hawaiian Ho’Oponopono We humans sure like to make a big deal out of apologizing, but when it comes down to it, it’s very simple: you recognize a situation in which you could have done better and you say “I’m sorry.” As we make the choice to release alcohol from our lives it’s possible that weContinue reading “Ho’Oponopono”

Examine Your Excuses

Examine Your Excuses About a month ago I was watching a YouTube live with an author / influencer who is a super positive guy, always looking to add an optimistic viewpoint and encourage people to pursue their passions. But for some reason on this occasion he said, “There’s no point in having a vision ifContinue reading “Examine Your Excuses”

S . O . S . ~ Is It True Game

Sober Options for Stress (S.O.S.) – Play the Is It True Game Even the craziest idea can seem legitimate to us if we don’t stop to consider whether or not it’s really true. Limiting beliefs circle around our heads so constantly we usually don’t even notice them before it’s way too late. Take for instanceContinue reading “S . O . S . ~ Is It True Game”

WHY Are We Here?

Zig Ziglar said, “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” Well, that someone includes you. Just because you can’t currently see yourself as a person who is worthy of the kind of healthy, beautiful life all the inspiring memes advertise doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it. WHY am I here?Continue reading “WHY Are We Here?”

Count Your Blessings

Gratitude is a game changer, y’all. Every single time you feel stressed out, breathe in, hold it for a second, exhale, and think of something you can be grateful for. Freaking. Game. Changer. In the spirit of finding grace within uncertainty . . . let’s up the ante and think of 20 (yes TWENTY!) thingsContinue reading “Count Your Blessings”

S . O . S . ~ Move Your Body

Sober Options for Stress (S.O.S.) – Social Distance HIIT Running and Indoor HIIT Dancing Tensions are high from all of us being unnaturally cooped up, especially with the addition of spring fever. Pent up energy often mutates into stress, which means it’s time to notice and choose an effective action. Ultimately, you are responsible forContinue reading “S . O . S . ~ Move Your Body”

What Are You Worthy Of?

All the inspirational memes in the world won’t help you change a thing if you don’t believe you’re worthy of the life they represent. For twenty years I told myself I deserved the stress relief promised by alcohol. I deserved a beer (or three) at the end of a hard day. I deserved buckets ofContinue reading “What Are You Worthy Of?”

S. O. S. ~ Social Media Overhaul

Sober Options for Stress (S.O.S.) – Social Media Overhaul Jim Rohn said, “Every day, stand guard at the door of your mind.” We need to be aware of and responsible for the messages that we allow to pass through our eyes and ears and into our hearts and brains. The information we take in onContinue reading “S. O. S. ~ Social Media Overhaul”

S . O . S . ~ EFT Tapping

Sober Options for Stress (S.O.S.) – EFT Tapping Here’s my first Sober Option for Stress (S.O.S.) video! Let me preface this by saying, yes, Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping will likely sound like woo-woo new age nonsense. And, no, I don’t have the qualifications or knowledge to explain to you how or why this is supposedContinue reading “S . O . S . ~ EFT Tapping”