Tomorrow You, Next Week You, Next Month, Next Year, Next Decade You . . . every future version of you deserves the absolute BEST in love, happiness, health, and abundance.

WHY am I here?

To show you a direct line from increased self-worth to releasing Gray Area Drinking and committing to positive sobriety.

I write because when it comes to alcohol, I’m you in a couple of years. I write because finally making the decision to remove alcohol completely from my life was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, those I love, and those around me. I did it three years ago and I’ve never looked back. I write because you can too, and you will.

What I learned over two decades of struggling back and forth with drinking, not drinking, and desperate attempts at moderation, was that I wasn’t really addicted to a particular substance. I was addicted to the roller coaster ride of negative emotions and harmful self-talk. I’ve learned how to turn down the volume of my inner critic while raising the self-love and self-worth all the way up to 11.

WHY are you here?

The point of this blog and my upcoming book is to help you create a fundamental shift in your being. I know that sounds enormous, almost to the point of being unattainable, but I assure you it’s not. Here are some bullet points to help you decide if this blog is right for you:

  • You know you occasionally drink too much but you also know you are not physically or chemically dependent on alcohol. In other words, you do not identify nor have you been diagnosed as an alcoholic.
  • You’re a Gray Area Drinker. No ultimate rock bottom, but also no ability to consistently take or leave a drink. There’s an emotional charge in there that you can’t get a handle on.
  • You want to quit drinking alcohol but haven’t yet figured out how to free yourself from its grip.
  • You’ve found yourself vomiting while the room spins around you way too many times and you’re done.
  • You’re tired of being mad at and/or disappointed in yourself and you know there’s something different waiting on the other side of whatever bridge you need to cross.
  • You suspect alcohol may be holding you in a pattern of: ___________________________________________________________________ [Insert any negative/self-destructive emotion here. For example: Frustration, Anger, Sadness, Poor Self-Care, Denial, Lack of Ambition, Lack of Self-Respect, Depression . . . ]
  • You’ve tried and failed at drinking in moderation more times than you can count and you are likely surrounded by friends who encourage you to just keep trying.
  • Those friends are certain you do not have a problem, yet you think maybe you do. (Or you think you definitely do.)
  • You’re ready to understand what the hizz-eck is going on deep down inside.
  • You need a new approach because so far nothing you’ve tried has worked.             

Ultimately, we move forward or we move backward. There’s no middle ground, no plateau, no holding steady. Those are the dangerous myths that keep us stuck. And when we’re stuck in negative patterns, we are essentially moving backward. We’re either living or we’re dying, folks. So, hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s resolve to live!

If you’re ready, I’m ready. So let’s get started!

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