S . O . S . ~ Is It True Game

Sober Options for Stress (S.O.S.) – Play the Is It True Game

Even the craziest idea can seem legitimate to us if we don’t stop to consider whether or not it’s really true. Limiting beliefs circle around our heads so constantly we usually don’t even notice them before it’s way too late.

Take for instance this gem: I’m the most stressed out I’ve ever been right now and the only thing that will calm me down and help me feel better is a glass (or four) of wine.

Sound familiar?

Here’s a simple, but not always easy, game I play with my thoughts when I find myself getting wrapped up in negativity or drama.

Is It True?

Step 1: Identify a limiting belief by searching for negative absolutes

  • I’m the most stressed I’ve ever been
  • The only thing that will help me is alcohol
  • Nothing makes me feel calmer faster than booze
  • I have no other option right now because I’m freaking out

Step 2: Ask Is It True?

  • Is it true that I have literally never in my life felt this way before?
  • Is it really true that I am incapable of consoling myself in any other way?
  • Am I 100% sure that nothing else will work quickly and effectively?
  • Could I prove to someone who loves me that getting drunk is the only option I have?
  • Even in the unlikely chance that it is actually true, is it what I really want for myself?

Give it a try if the stress of the moment is feeling overwhelming. Give it a try if you’re nervous you may reach for the bottle as a consequence. Get honest and push yourself towards creative solutions. Be brave and call a friend who you trust to push back – NOT the one who will enable you to do something your inner cheerleader doesn’t want you to do.

This process takes guts and honesty. I know you can do it. You’ve got this!! Live in love πŸ’› and light πŸ’‘

#SoberWorth #WhatAreYouWorthyOf

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