Count Your Blessings

Gratitude is a game changer, y’all. Every single time you feel stressed out, breathe in, hold it for a second, exhale, and think of something you can be grateful for. Freaking. Game. Changer.

In the spirit of finding grace within uncertainty . . . let’s up the ante and think of 20 (yes TWENTY!) things we can be grateful for specific to our current global pandemic situation.

20 Good Things

  1. I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in over three years and the uncertainty of this pandemic has not even come close to shaking my resolve.
  2. I am healthy and COVID-19 symptom free.
  3. My parents are taking the pandemic safety precautions seriously (which is especially good for my blood pressure considering they live a mere 60 miles from the epicenter of the worst outbreak).
  4. My two close friends in Brooklyn who were sick have fully recovered.
  5. Because of my diligent practice of Social Media Overhauling, my Facebook feed is chock full of uplifting, positive, and beautiful stories of pandemic heroes in all forms from all over the world.
  6. This stay-at-home order is offering me a lot of time to write.
  7. All of my regular weekly and monthly social groups (book club, writing group, women’s circle, one-on-one accountability, etc.) have committed to consistently meeting at our regular times over Zoom.
  8. The sun is out in full force today and I get to spend more time at the park since I’m not commuting.
  9. I live in a place with enough outdoor space that I can safely be outside breathing fresh air.
  10. My sweet old dog Banjo loves a good spring snow (which is especially good considering Boulder, CO got over a foot last night!) and he gets to spend more time outside in it since I’m home all day and he gets extra walks.
  11. I have a boss who can allow me to work from home and is financially stable enough to get his entire staff through the long haul of this situation. (Thank you Tom!)
  12. I’m really getting my money’s worth from the bike trainer I scored off Craigslist a few months ago and my quads are very happy.
  13. My best friend and I have been FaceTiming every few days and have been more in touch throughout this time than we have been since we were teenagers.
  14. Because of all the FaceTime charades we’ve been playing, my best friend’s 2 year old son is now up to 3 (yes THREE!) different animals he can imitate. Her daughter is on fire with at least a dozen imitations (including a carrot, which I am proud to say I guessed correctly).
  15. I’m finishing a ton of half started books.
  16. My creative juices have been flowing enough to override my fear of failure and straight up “Not being good enough” so I could start making YouTube videos for SoberWorth.
  17. The focus I’ve concentrated on building this site is starting to garner feedback and video views, which means I’m on my way to finding my tribe and sharing my message with like-minded folks who want to hear from me!
  18. I reconnected with my Portland, OR writing group from ten years ago and my NYC friends from even farther back, and we’re Zooming once a week as if there was never a blip in our connection. Holla for the Fancy Laideez and Funkcamp!
  19. Air pollution is down, the skies are opening up, and towns in India are seeing the peaks of the Himalayas for the first time in 30 years.
  20. Trident Booksellers, one of the awesome local bookstores in my town (that sold my first book), has come up with a creative way to keep selling. For fifty bucks you can order a mystery bag — you give them some parameters and their booksellers custom pick 4-6 books for you and throw in a bag of coffee or tea. They’ll deliver to your house by bike if you’re in Boulder and they’ll send it via USPS mail if you live anywhere else. Check it out: Stay-At-Home Books & Coffee Mystery Bag

OK now you! In the comments, tell me something good happening in your life specifically because of the current insane situation we’ve found ourselves in. Then go hog wild and stretch your list to 20 Good Things!

Go forth and live in love 💛 and light 💡


P.S. The photo above was taken last year at the absolutely stellar Denver Botanic Gardens. And Thank You Simon Sinek for the 20 Good Things inspiration! You rock!! @SimonSinek

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