S . O . S . ~ Move Your Body

Sober Options for Stress (S.O.S.) – Social Distance HIIT Running and Indoor HIIT Dancing

Tensions are high from all of us being unnaturally cooped up, especially with the addition of spring fever. Pent up energy often mutates into stress, which means it’s time to notice and choose an effective action. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own stress. Not the government. Not the CDC. Not your family and their behavior. You.

Everyone is feeling more anxious and short-tempered than usual. Desperate times call for FORGIVENESS and an active, conscientious lowering of our own stress levels so that we may show up as the lovers and the lightworkers. And guess what . . . High Intensity Interval Training always lowers stress.

Intense movement gives stress a way to quickly course through and out. The more stress you get out of your body naturally, the much LESS likely you are to turn towards alcohol for a quick fix (which, of course, will be followed by feeling like crap).

OK. So what can we do given the current circumstances? If you live somewhere that allows enough open space to go outside, here’s an option to get moving while staying safe and maintaining distance. I’m calling it “Social Distance HIIT Running”.

The basic gist is simple: Start out at a simple jog. When you see yourself getting close to a group of people, turn in the opposite direction and sprint for 20-30 seconds. Go back to your steady jog. Rinse and repeat. (This works great with walking / speed walking too!)

If you can’t get outside, or you just don’t feel like it’s the right thing to do right now, here’s another option. “Indoor HIIT Dancing.” Open your windows and doors for fresh air, turn on some music and dance. You can totally rock some cardiovascularly effective High Intensity Interval Dancing!

Even in unprecedented and difficult times, we are ALWAYS responsible for how we show up. First, remember that’s normal and it makes sense for everyone to be on edge right now. Then do whatever you can to make it a little better. Take care of yourself. Wear a mask. Give an extra wide berth. Wave, nod, and shout hello more than usual. Crank some music and share love from afar.

Check out my video below for a Social Distance HIIT Running exercise you can do if you live somewhere with enough outdoor space to make it happen. If you are literally stuck inside in a high density population area, please know that my heart goes out to you. I’ve been there and I get it. I truly hope for a swift resolution to this madness. Do whatever you need to do to stay safe and healthy—I love you so much! 💛 💛 💛

Live in love 💛 and light 💡


P.S. The road in that photo above actively lowered my stress when I spent a day cruising my bike along it. It’s far out on the east coast of Moloka’i in Hawai’i—no traffic, no tourists, no residents—just me and my bike. That was truly a stellar day. (Pro tip: HIIT workouts are fun to do on bicycles too!)

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