What Are You Worthy Of?

All the inspirational memes in the world won’t help you change a thing if you don’t believe you’re worthy of the life they represent.

For twenty years I told myself I deserved the stress relief promised by alcohol. I deserved a beer (or three) at the end of a hard day. I deserved buckets of wine to help me relax on the weekend. I deserved shots at a friend’s celebration to relieve social pressures and get the party started. The problem with that is alcohol doesn’t work for me–it never has. When I drink, I drink too much and all my peace and sanity dissolves into fury and misery. So what was I really telling myself I was worthy of? Stress relief or misery?

It wasn’t until I flipped that idea on its head, that I learned what I really deserve is to feel healthy, clean, and happy. Because ultimately that’s what I want. But it’s not as easy as positive thinking and affirmation gurus would lead you to believe. You can’t fake your way to happy. It takes a repetitive conscious practice of increasing the volume of your inner cheerleader while simultaneously decreasing the volume on your inner critic.

You want to teach your unconscious a new script? You better learn the language first. Notice how you speak to yourself and when it’s negative, take a breath and think of something simple you are genuinely grateful for. This is juice that gets your gratitude engine humming. This is the first step in creating fundamental change.

You got this. Live in love 💛 and light💡


P.S. Those toes up above are soaking in the Pacific Ocean on Coronado Island in San Diego, CA. on an amazing morning when I actually woke up early enough to get my ass out of bed and catch the sunrise.

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